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Meeting Information

​Date: 3/19/2024
Station 6
Start: 7:05pm
Ended: 7:50pm

Any ideas for the dance next year hold until next meeting. Need to put ride in June first

Date: June 1, 2024
Release forms – Charlotte has
Donation letters are done.
Flyers will be at the April meeting. Using Vista Print
Flyers – Katie to ask about printing them up. Need cost and dates when to have to the printer by
Auction Tickets: Suggestion to go with 1 big ticket, tear off litter ones from that. (like Butlers ride) Ask Ed where they have them printed
Have wrist bands
Start and end of ride at West View VFW 
Stops – 1st stop Lucky Dogs 2nd stop Fawn Tavern 3rd stop Blue Haven 
Route – TBA but everyone needs to be aware of the route, everyone should know it before the ride
Food – hold until next meeting (Katie out sick this evening)
Have rooms reserve red

Presidents Meeting: 
Only 60/90 minutes long. RD talked to Stretch at 47 our rides are the same day this year. Next year we will need to coordinate dates, support each other. Sold $460 in stirts at Presidents meeting

Monthly Tickets: 
$20 due for monthly tickets. Start at the April meeting. Based on the lottery. Income for club

Misc Business:
Have to get out to other rides: List created and reviewed each meeting
3rd Saturday of every month Sons of Jerusalem meet for coffee/social hour, winter months, stop down say hi, invite to the ride.
Taking shirts to Nationals to sell, lower inventory
Burn camp is 6/2 take the check up Sunday June 2.
Zoo Day –Mercy will let us know date
$100.00 to the Shaw Ride t-shirt sponsor. Charlotte to mail the check in 3/20/2024

Motion to adjourn, Seconded, Passed

Respectfully submitted,