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Meeting Information

January 2024 Meeting 
Station 6
Start 7:05pm
Ended 8:00pm

    Everyone know what food they are bringing to     the dance
    Steve will drive the shuttle
    No Bar at the hotel some people may want to     stay at the VFW after the dance
    Signs for the shuttle will be posted at the hotel
    Setup will be at 7:00pm Friday night, bring     baskets
    Dance starts at 7:00pm – be at the VFW by     5:30pm to finish setting up
    Renee – plates and utensils
    Steve and Wendy have serving spoons, etc.

Presidents meeting:
    West Virginia 2/23 to 2/25/2024
    Selling Bells and shirts

Next Meeting: 
    Friday at Dance set up??

Night at the Races:
    Station 342 Night at the Races 3/23/2024. East     butler Fire Hall

List of Rides:
2024 Fire & Iron Events calendar
       February 23-25Region 3 presidents meeting
       March 9133 Fireman’s ball
       March 23342 Night at the Races-East Butler                 Fire Hall
       March 23110 & 280 PPP party-Edinboro                 Fire Hall
       April 5Fools Day Party Station 281
       April 27117 Charity golf outing
       May 18-19150 Indiana charity ride
      July 9Ride for the homeless Vets
      July 20110 Ride-Street track Trail- Conneaut

2024 Non Fire & Iron Events calendar
      June 9Ride for the homeless Vets
      July 8Ride for Autism/Wicked Witches

Motion to adjourn, Seconded, Passed

Respectfully submitted,