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Meeting Information

​Date: 4/23/2024
Station 6
Start: 7:02pm
Ended: 8:00pm

Any ideas for the dance next year hold until next meeting. Need to put ride in June first.  Everyone needs to come up with an idea or a new theme for dance/new event

Date: June 1, 2024
Have wrist bands
Start and end of ride at West View VFW 
Stops – 
    1st stop Lucky Dogs 
    2nd stop Fawn Tavern - having pizza and hotdogs
    3rd stop Blue Haven 
Only one gravel lot.  Roads have some gravel spots but that may change by the time of the ride.
Route – TBA but everyone needs to be aware of the route, everyone should know it before the ride.  Will schedule a date before the ride so everyone has a chance to ride the route
Food – Hot sausage from Monte Cellos.
Flyers and donation letters -- everyone take a few post in area businesses/bars
Post on Facebook about the ride
1 Basket per member due for the ride.
Charolette to ask about the bottled water at the VFW.
We are able to get in on Friday night before the ride to set up.  No tablecloths, we have bags for the auctions and tickets.
Getting 3/4 decks of playing cards -- charge $5 per card, rip the card in half (club keeps half of the card, player keeps half the card) pull card at each stop 50/50 split.
Strip tickets sell before and after the ride, Card game at the different stops.

Baskets/Donations for Ride:
Charolette is doing a Pittsburgh basket - donations from the zoo, Phipps, Aviary, other Pgh establishments.

Monthly Tickets: 
$20 due for monthly tickets started in April.  Drawing is May 25.  10 tickets per pack.  Talk about how long we want to continue with the tickets.  

Misc Business:
The Geneva on the lake is a dinner not a ride.  Station180
$388 for the website is due in Oct.
Katie to call Ernie or Renne about firemen's helmet and plaque for Joe.

Next meeting:  May 31 at 7pm West View VFW.  We will talk about the dance, doing something else? Vote on it.

Motion to adjourn, Seconded, Passed

Respectfully submitted,